What’s Included

The 2021 Travel Badger has a host of items included with purchase to make your camping experience an exceptional one.  The items included are as follows: 100 Watt Solar Panel 35 Amp Hour Solar Battery Twin XL Tri-Fold Mattress Full Cotton Sheet Set 4.8 Gallon Self Pressuring Water Tank LED Projector Cables Needed USB to […]

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Travel Badger Specifications

The Travel Badger sits on a 4×8 frame trailer, made of marine grade plywood and solid .040″ aluminum. Built to last while maintaining its status as a lightweight travel trailer option, this model checks all the right boxes.  Specifications: Weight: under 500lbs Size: Camper 4×8″ Trailer Lights: 4-Pin Flat Skin: .040″ Aluminum Construction: Marine Grade […]

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